"Dear Linda,

I am writing to you on behalf of my recently deceased mother, Katy Rinehart, about the above referenced cushion. The last two years of mom’s life, she was rather immobile. She had a few episodes with falling and had to use a walker to move around her apartment. As a result of her age, being overweight and weakness, she slept in her recliner and sat in it all day except to go to and from the restroom. I would say she spent about 22 hours of her day in her recliner. This created “bed sores” on her bottom.

She had home health care and they treated her bed sores and recommended various solutions to include a pillow and a gel cushion for wheelchairs. We tried everything recommended and nothing facilitated any improvement. In fact, her condition worsened. When she first sat on your cushion, she immediately noticed a difference. Her condition with the bed sores began to improve within a few days and were healed over a period of a few weeks. When it became necessary to move mom to an assisted living facility, her first comment was, “DON’T FORGET MY CUSHION”.

I know her life was improved, as a result of the healing that happened with the use of your cushion and would recommend its use to anyone with health conditions that require sitting for long periods of time.

You may use me as a reference. If anyone has questions about your cushion you may give them my cell phone number."



"Dear Linda,

Your customized seat cushion has been a lifesaver. My spinal stenosis makes it very difficult for me to get comfortable in any kind of chair I work in an office and sit for almost 8 hours a day. I have been using your seat cushion for over eight months and I cannot live without it. It takes the pressure off my lower back and allows me to sit on any type of chair for any length of time. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to use this wonderful product. 2016."

"Dear Linda,

I am giving this testimonial in good faith having seen first hand the results of using the chair cushion Linda Moffett has perfected to take care of the pressure points in Sedentary people. My 86-year-old father being very sedentary started having problems with pressure point sores. We went from doctor to wound care to buying very expensive gel cushions which only maintained the sores but did not heal or stop the stores. When we started using when Linda's cushion the sores stopped and within a relatively short time they were gone and have not returned."

"Dear Linda,

I am writing to let you know how much your seat cushion has helped my father. Around two years ago my father started developing pressure sores on his bottom from sitting so much in his recliner. He was and still is pretty much in his recliner 24 hours a day with only being up for short periods of time off and on through the day to use the restroom. We were taking him to wound care at the hospital every week for a time and we would get the sores to improve a little but we couldn’t get them to go away completely. We spent a lot of time keeping the sore clean and nothing seemed to work for long at all. We tried putting pillows on his chair and moving them around to change the pressure areas but that too would help song but not Real well. We will get him close to healed up at times just to have another pressure sore appear in another area. Then you came to help care for our father and notice what was happening and mention to us that your mother-in-law that you cared for had the same problem and that you got it cleared up by using a cushion you made for her. You had asked if we minded if you made him a cushion to see if that would help and we were fine with that. You made your cushion and within a fairly short period of time the sores were completely healed. He hasn’t had a re-occurrence of the sores since and that has probably been around 15 months ago now."
Mary Lu